An Australian with a Passion to see Fellow Aussies Find their Peace With God

Kerry Medway
Discover Kerry Medway who has a passion for men in need of God’s amazing Grace. Kerry has researched and written two books about two of our iconic Australian bushrangers and how they found or may have found their peace with God. Kerry loves to share these bushranger yarns at men’s breakfasts or barbecues or church coffee & desserts as a Church outreach. He also loves to share insights from God’s Word and bring a challenge in Church services on Sundays. Have him speak at your next church service, men's group, function today!
About Kerry Medway
  • Feedback from a visit to a church in a city on the Victorian gold-fields

    “I watched hardened men with tears running down their faces after Kerry spoke at our Men’s Breakfast. It reminded me of the faces of the coal miners that John Wesley spoke to in England 200 years ago, tears running down their faces and leaving stains on their coal-stained faces as they heard of God’s love.”

  • A testimony of a man from a country church in NSW

    “Who let that red-ragger into our Church pulpit? I hated his sermon. It upset me so much I went home angry. After I cooled down I thought about the extent of God’s Love that Kerry spoke about and I found myself starting to weep. I sat down on the floor of my shed and told God how sorry I was and prayed. I felt God’s love touch me. I am now a new man. God saved me & has saved my marriage & my family.”

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.... Philippians 4:13


Kerry Medway
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